Have you ever felt horny but found out porn’s not doing anything for you anymore? Same sexy girl, same well endowed guy, same boring plot? Ever reached for your dick and thought, “Well, here we go again?” Looking for something to really spice up your own, private alone time? Speaking of alone time, did you ever feel like your alone time is a little too lonely? Are you jonesing for a jerk off session with someone who actually interacts with you, but your online dating life isn’t going well recently? Well do I have the solution (and the site) for you! Introducing Jerkmate where you’ll never masturbate alone again!

Jerkmate is a cam site that features cam2cam where you masturbate WITH the cam model of your choice! Imagine jerking off to cam girls jerking off to you jerking off! That’s like a dream come true! And if you play your cards right, edge the model along, maybe tease her a little bit and you might orgasm together! Imagine cumming together with a model! That’s so HOT!

But let’s stop fantasizing for now and get to the actual review. Jerkmate is a great site. Its web design is cute, there are almost no ads and it seems like everything is put together with the user in mind. Nothing’s too intrusive, you can watch your cam girls (and masturbate) in peace. AND there’s a cute, little robot mascot to guide you along your masturbatory journey. He’s there to point you in the right direction and to make your experience as personalized as possible. AND, this is the most important part, he stays away when you begin watching so as not to disturb you.

When you first reach the site you’ll be treated to a nice little peek at what awaits you, for a time you can watch some of the girls and their live shows, then you get prompted to sign in and be a member. Which is genius by the way. At least you can see what you’re getting yourself into first. Plus, a little sneak peek at the goods does great things for the consumer. Which is you, because you’ll consume every thing that the cam girl has to offer you horny bastard!

Membership is easy enough, not to mention completely FREE, you’ll be redirected to a form where you enter some general information about yourself, OR you can just sign in with Google. That’s so convenient because if you want to beat your meat so bad, you don’t have the time to fill up forms, you can use that time to search for the perfect cam girl!

So there you go, you signed in and you’re now ready to begin jerking off. The interface is pretty straightforward, click on the things you want to see. The real question is, WHERE DO YOU EVEN START? The site is chock full of cock sucking chicks! There are literally thousands of models on the site who are ready to masturbate with you! Want something a little innocent, maybe a little on the vanilla side? Check out the amateur cam girls! Want someone who knows what they’re doing? Check out the professionals! The sky’s the limit on the various girls you can masturbate to!

Still having trouble choosing someone? Well, maybe you’re just looking for someone more specific. Maybe you have a kink in mind that you want satisfied? That’ll make it easier for you! OR maybe you’re looking for something new, something that you haven’t tried out, maybe it’s embarrassing or maybe even taboo. Well, you’re in luck because Jerkmate also has a ton of categories for you to choose from! Pick one from the list and the cam girls will be arranged according to those who can satisfy your craving for you, after choosing your category it’s now only a matter of choosing the perfect girl to masturbate with. But if you still can’t choose, there’s the option to randomly go to a random cam girl, you never know, your next kink might be waiting for you to click the button.

Want to know more about your cam girls? Maybe to chat with them better? Feel a connection? Well just look at the bottom of their live show, there’s a small profile there that includes their photos, videos and things about them that you can chat them up about.

So you did it, you signed in, you found the category for you, you found the perfect girl, and you’ve been watching her for a few minutes. Let me lay out your options. You can tip her with gold while watching her for free or you can pay her to go for the cam2cam feature. Let’s start with the cam2cam feature and the mutual masturbation webcams. You have to pay for it. But so what? You’re in for an unforgettable experience! The cam girl will give you a solo show tailored to you and your desires, and you get to masturbate with someone! In my opinion, that’s well worth it!

Now for the tipping option. If you want to show your appreciation to the cam girl you can easily do that by tipping her with GOLD. GOLD is a site currency that costs 1 unit of your local currency, for example, if you live in the US, 1 Gold is 1 USD. And that’s that, you showed her your dick, she showed you her pussy, now show her some appreciation

Now if you really loved the session you had with a girl, you can follow her on the site! This alerts you if she comes online so you won’t have to waste time trying to find her again only to be disappointed that she isn’t online. And if you move quickly, maybe you’ll get to her before someone else requests a cam2cam!

So there you have it! Jerkmate is the perfect cam site! 10/10 tabs of different models open! Time to masturbate